RBone is a kind of semi-rigid type mechanical high ductility aseismic device, which behaves similar to a non-failure universal pivot joint during earthquake. RBone can be installed at the bottom of 1F structural columns, above the ground level of 10 Centimeters. The U-shape Channel’s rotation feature of RBone can significantly reduce the bending moment. RBone also can enhance the aseismic performance of structural columns through the Elasto-Plasticized characteristics of steel, so called as Energy dissipation effect. Building with RBone device will never collapse nor incline even in unexpected severe earthquakes

  According to the results of statistical survey on damages of the building caused by earthquakes, it is known that, in addition to the inertial forces of the superstructure, the vibration transferred from subsoil and the lateral spread caused by soil liquefaction phenomenon will also cause great stress to the structure.

  Currently, as structural seismic countermeasures, there are three kinds of devices type can be chosen, i.e. isolation type, energy dissipation type and ductility type. Isolation type can minimize earthquake input and increase structural period. Energy dissipation type can minimize structural deformation and absorb seismic energy through deformation process. Ductility type can increase structural stiffness and absorb seismic energy through failure process. Isolator, roller bearing, slider bearing etc. can be categorized as first type. Various oil dampers, pendulum systematic devices etc. can be categorized as second type. Structural wall, systematic truss structures etc. can be categorized as third type.

  Comparing to the full-rigid type structure using high stiffness ductility members, RBone device makes it possible to construct a kind of semi-rigid type structure through its mechanical high ductility characteristics.


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